April 15, 2013



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April 21 - Amar Gupta '13
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CSR Board Members

President - Abraham Feshazion
Vice President - Nischay Rege
Secretary - Sara Zakem
Treasurer - Camille Huwyler
Social Chair - Anand Kaul
Social Chair - Sydney Yee
Class Officer - Kathryn Kreicher
Class Officer - Scott Brigeman
Tech Rep - Vivek Pamulapati
Community Service Rep - Paul Park
AAMC-OSC Rep - Bryan Zuniga
SCME Chair - Nelroy Jones
SCME Board:
Aaron Kearney
Adam Tabbaa
Bona Ko
Nischay Rege
Sarah Gael
Shira Lerner
Mansi Shah

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One day, after a man had his annual physical, the doctor came out and said, "You had a great checkup. Is there anything that you'd like to talk about or ask me?"

"Well," he said, "I was thinking about getting a vasectomy."

"That's a pretty big decision. Have you talked it over with your family?"

"Yeah, and they're in favor 15 to 2."

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Hello Case Med,

What an amazing weekend! Thanks to our wonderful admissions staff, faculty, student performers and volunteers, all of the enthousiasm for Case was alive and well. In talking to prospective students over the past two days, it was clearly evident that they felt the positive energy of the Case Med atmosphere. I can't stress enough about what a great job everyone involved in Second Look did. The general consensus was that our second look weekend was the most exciting and welcoming of any other! If you've made some connections with several prospective students just as I did, let's keep in contact with them periodically until their arrival in July to give them even more confidence in their choice to attend Case. And who knows, we may even secure those who are on the fence.

Shifting attention away from the school of medicine, here is an event for those looking to branch out. Later this week, you will have another opportunity to meet and mingle with other Case professional students. I'm talking about the GSS/GPC 2nd Annual Crawlapolooza! On April 19th, take some time to hang out and relax at Jolly Scholar, Beer Market, Market Garden and Old Angle. Appetizers and drink specials abound. Round trip transportation wll be proivided and is sponsored by the Graduate Student Senate (GSS) and Graduate Professional Council (GPC). Board the first bus at the Jolly Scholar at 7:45pm to West 25th. The last return trip will be at 2:00am.

Relay For Life is this weekend, April 20th, from 1pm until 7am. The team leaders and I are in the final stages of coordinating the events of the day and we need volunteers to man our camp site and make some treats for our bake sale. We are expecting a large turnout on the 20th, but we'd like to know when team members plan on attending. The duration of our stay will depend on this.

Please sign up HERE for the time slots you plan on staying for. We'd like at least a few students there at all times.

Please sign up HERE to volunteer your baking services. Email Maddy Strohl, M1 ( with any questions.

Finally, most of you may not know (or have forgotten) that early last year, we've created a Case Med Tough Mudder Team, CASEous Necrosis! For those who aren't familliar, Tough Mudder is a "10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all-around strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie." With courses that take the participants though mud, water, electricity and steep cimbs, about 20 Case Med students (including myself!) will be pushed to their phsyical limits. The race is on Saturday Apr 27th at Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport, 2000 Harrington Memorial Road, Mansfield, OH 44903. If you are also a thirll seeker, you can still sign up at, or you can just come and spectate. Either way, it'll be a great way to let off steam before we buckle down in May for final exams.

-Abe, CSR President


April 19 - GSS/GPC 2nd Annual Crawlapolooza!

April 20th - Relay For Life!

April 27th - Tough Mudder!


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